I love checking out these old photos from Casper and being in 2020 it really feels like 1961 was 100 years ago but it wasn't. And yet so much has changed as far as what our town looks like and especially our use of technology.

Here's a look at the Hilltop shopping center from 1961. As I have told you all before, I have no frame of reference as to what a majority of things in this photo are. So, I rely on you to fill me in on what exactly is a '5-10 Ben Franklin?'

Wester History Center
Western History Center

Now my vision is getting worse with age so I think that's what that big building is in the center. But like I said I can't be certain. So give me a shout if you used to go to any of these places or if you have any good stories.

Thanks again to our friends at the Western History Center on Facebook for digging up these historic photos and bringing us all back to a different time entirely.

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