The National Endowment for the Arts is celebrating their 50 year anniversary. They produced a series of video one for each state. In Wyoming’s video, they go into the various types of art supported by the NAE and the Wyoming Arts Council. It is way more than just painting. They support music, dance, fly tying, taxidermy, bow making, and more.

The art comes in a variety of forms like literary, visual art, performing arts, and folk art. One medium showcased in the video comes from the University of Wyoming department of Theater and Dance. The Vertical Dance at Vedauwoo is a unique performance. The dancers are suspended in midair while they move against the cliffs.

Another venture supported by the Arts Council is Nowoodstock Ten Sleep music festival. It started out as just a party. Then it grew into an annual festival.


Our very own Brian Scott was honored by the Wyoming Art Council with the 2015 Governor's Arts Award. Radio and fundraising is an art, too.


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