Lets just get this out of the way: I'd rather the asteroid arrived one day AFTER the election. That way the people of Earth could heave a sigh of relief after they saw who won.

Having it arrive a day before means we don't get to see the election results.

Okay, seriously, here is what's going on:

An asteroid has been spotted on a direct collision course with Earth — it is projected to hit a day before the presidential elections in November.

I'm sure that makes you nervous. But hold on. You have to think for a moment about the size of the rock before you freak out. Lets read on and find out.

NASA sucks at naming things. They are calling this one 2018VP1. The 2018 in the name is in reference to the year it was discovered. The VP has to do with it's impact variation.

To help ease your mind, this rock is NOT categorized as a potentially hazardous object. Big enough to hit, not big enough to be an ELE (extinction level event: think dinosaur-killer).

The asteroid is 6.5 feet in diameter, according to NASA. It was identified by the Palomar Observatory in California two years ago.

The chance of a direct impact is less than 1%. That means, chances are, it will come in at an angle and mostly burn up. No one has any idea were exactly this thing will hit. Though I'm sure we all have a few suggestions.

This is a small yet still potentially hazardous object. You might remember one such rock slamming into Russia a few years back. Here is a video compilation of that event and how people reacted.

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