When a superhero flick rakes in $207 million in its first weekend, you can bet game studios are filled with executives smacking themselves in the forehead for deciding not to have made a tie-in video game. Somehow, there was no cheap, slapped-together Avengers game to take advantage of the runoff from the box office avalanche, but Ubisoft assures us that there will be a game.

Judging from a story from The Washington Post on the matter, the Avengers game will aim toward the younger set, and released on the Xbox 360′s Kinect motion and voice sensor, as well as the ginormous question mark known as the Wii U.

Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, due out later this year, will team Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk and Thor as they battle Skrull aliens. The game will be based on the comics, circa Secret Invasion.

We’ve yet to play a motion-controlled superhero game that was decent, so pardon us if we give Ubisoft’s concept a dismissive one-hand motion that all men are familiar with. But we’re at least thankful to the publisher for waiting to release the game long after our kids will have forgotten about the Avengers.