Memorial Day is almost upon us, and with it comes the overwhelming desire to get ouside- to go to the lake, or a park, or the mountain and crack open a beer and enjoy the weather that the final days of spring can bring.

Unfortunately, we live in Wyoming and the weather is...fickle, to say the least. That being said,we've come up with five activities for you to do that will still allow you to enjoy Memorial Day and everything that goes a long with it, without having to deal with Mother Nature. So we present our Top 5 Bad Weather Memorial Day Activities.

#5- Movie Marathon

What better way to spend an afternoon that is laden with crummy weather than by spending it in a movie theater watching all of Hollywood's newest releases? You've got The Avengers, Dark Shadows,The Chernobyl Diaries, and more. PLUS, the theaters in Casper sell all sorts of goodies that your Memorial Day loving stomach had it's tiny little heart set on- Hot Dogs, Sliders, Pepsi and more. This way, you get to BBQ without actually having to BBQ, and you can do it will watching Robert Downey Jr. Winning!

#4 Indoor Swimming

People love spending time at the lake on Memorial Day. The atmosphere, the people, and of course, the water. Unfortunately, if weather is bad, the lake becomes a horrible place to be and the water that you once loved so much becomes the bane of your existence. To solve this problem, find other bodies of water, preferably indoors. The Casper Aquatic Center has various pools and slides, all designed to keep you and your family entertained. They too have food, which could easily make this an all day activity, much like a trip to our beloved Alcova Lake. And then, after the kids get tired from swimming all day, you can put them to bed and enjoy a nice adult-like beverage. Sounds like a perfect day to us!

#3- Bar Crawl

Speaking of adult-like beverages, most people will look for any excuse to get their drink on. Memorial Day is the perfect day for this. What better way to acknowledge our fallen heroes than by toasting them with a beer. Or two. Or ten. It always seems more fun (and less alcoholic) to drink outside, but if the weather is bad than the mood is totally killed. Luckily, Casper is home to many bars, some of whom may even be offering Memorial Day drink specials. So if you're looking to drink, then go on a Bar Crawl. Map out a route that takes you from one bar to the next, to the next, to the next, from one side of town to the other. Just make sure that you pace yourself AND that you have a designated driver, or you may end up like these guys.

#2- Shopping Spree

What's the most important thing about Memorial Day? The food? Nah. The alcohol? Nope. Actually remembering why we celebrate this holiday? Heck no! It's the shopping, baby!!! Memorial Day is full of sales! So put those sales to the test and check out all of our shopping establishments. Buy the summer-wear that you can't quite wear yet. Take advantage of all of the holiday-shopping you can, while everyone else is mumbling and grumbling about the weather. Maybe you can FINALLY get that pair of shoes you've been eyeing since Arbor Day.

#1- Indoor BBQ

My absolute favorite thing about Memorial Day is being around friends and family and having a bbq. There's just something about being around the people you love whilst cooking meat over an open fire.If weather sucks, however,  this amazing event can turn into a disaster. This is why I'm planning on having an indoor BBQ on this Memorial Day. We'll still have all of the typical Memorial Day Food- hot dogs, burgers, pate, etc...but instead of standing on someone's porch or under some trees, I'll be fixin' the fixin's on my George Foreman Grill while my friends sit on my couch and drink my beer because nobody thought to bring their own even though it's a BBQ and I specifically said BYOB but they just know that I usually have enough beer for everyone and my friends are very selfish people and I'm not even sure why they're my friends to begin with...

Whew. Sorry. Flashback to last Memorial Day. Anyway. Indoor BBQ's are the way to go. It's clean, warm, and you can watch Dancing With The Stars while you chew your burger.