Let's be honest here- nobody really knows, or cares, what Labor Day actually celebrates. The things we do know and/or care about is that we love it because it's a day off work, we hate it because it signifies the end of summer, women shouldn't wear white after it, and more often than not, there are some pretty radical sales going on. With that, we present our Top 5 Best Places to find a Labor Day Sale, come September 5, 2011.

#5 - Fashion Crossroads

Are you a dude? Then chances are, you've rarely, if ever, stepped foot inside of Fashion Crossroads. But, if you're a lady, you know all about this place. You know that for almost 40 years, FC has been one of the leading outlets in Casper, offering women's apparel, shoes, lingerie, and more. Not only does Fashion Crossroads offer between 30 % and 80% off of the retail value for their merch, they also do sales ALL THE TIME. In the month of July alone, they put on 2 enormous sales that took place inside both of their stores, AND on the sidewalk in front of them. The FC ladies are determined to give you the best clothes, for the best prices, and come Labor Day weekend you would be a fool to not go and check out Fashion Crossroads.

#4 - Macy's

Have you ever wanted to live in New York City in the 1950's? The glitz, The Ritz, the shows, the lights. New York City, the center of the universe, in what has been described as the "golden era" of America- it's a dream, really. One that will never come true for you or me. But, there is a silver lining to that cloud. There is a remnant of the golden age, and that is Macy's. Back in the 50's, Macy's was THE place to shop. Everybody who was anybody shopped at Macy's. You could buy clothes, jewelry, hats, shoes, anything! Today, that tradition is being kept alive and strong and, luckily for you and me, it is no longer strictly for the rich and famous. No sir (or ma'am), this 150+ year old dynasty, while not free, is open to the public.  Macy's has been one of the best places to shop in Casper for years, ESPECIALLY when sales are going on. Labor day will be no different. Sales on apparel, accessories, bedding, wedding, perfume, and more will be up front and center come Labor Day, and if you want to be transported into an era where one look at what you were wearing told a story about who you were, then you need the magic of Macy's.

3# - Sears

Don't worry, guys. We haven't forgotten about you. While your lady friend is busy being doted on at Macy's, you can meander over to the ultimate guy-playground- Sears. Now, Sears is not just any store. In fact, Sears was a "super-store" before Wal-Mart even existed. Much like it's cousin Macy's, Sears, Roebuck, and CO (as it was originally named) was an institution in a city, before becoming a national conglomerate. Founded in 1886 Chicago, Sears started off as a dream of two men, and very quickly became the reality of a nation. Incidentally, Casper is a part of the nation, hence, we get a Sears. Today, Sears has just about everything one could ever want. In no particular order, it has: clothes, games, appliances, tools, movies, electronics, shoes, toys, home and bath stuff, and more. One could spend an entire day in Sears (without spending an entire paycheck) and still not see everything in the place. Once Labor Day hits, Sears will be the Mecca of "Guydom," and you owe it to yourself, and to Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck, to check it out.

#2 - Best Buy

Don't forget the kids! Chances are, when you've been out shopping all day, you're going to need something to reward your kids with. Otherwise, they'll never stop whining, you wont be able to concentrate, and you'll end up coming home with a snuggie, a shake-weight, and crocs. An easy way to avoid this obvious life-faux pas, is to promise the kids you'll stop by Best Buy on the way home, to take advantage of the sales that they have going on Labor Day. You want games? They got games. You want movies? They got movies. You want a copy of Prince's Purple Rain? They (probably) got a copy of Prince's Purple Rain. They've got vinyl, they've got cameras, they've got computers. Heck, they've even got the Geek Squad. They truly do have it all, and they want to give it to you, on sale, on Labor Day. So be sure to go out of your way and stop by Best Buy, cause your kids deserve something too.

#1 - Local Garage/yard sales

What? You think just because so many awesome stores are going to have so many awesome sales, you're too good to go garage/yard sailing? If that's your mentality then your loss, bub. Think about how many things you could find at a garage sale! Old toys, records, underwear, whatever! It's all there, and it can be yours for extremely cheap. One time, I spent 50 cents on Michael Jackson's Thriller Album. Vinyl, yo. You never know what you'll be able to find around town, and if there was ever a time to either throw or go to a garage/yard sale in Casper, it would be Labor Day weekend.