The headline sounds like something out of one of those CSI shows, doesn't it?

Experts CT scanned a FOOT BONE! Only the bone was about 150 million years old. It's nothing like the picture above. Sorry about that.


Let's face it, a lot of things died for a lot of bad reasons 150 million years ago. Do you think it's bad living on earth today? Try swatting a mosquito the size of a bald eagle.


Wyoming's Washakie Medical Center radiology team ran a CT scan on a 150 million-year-old bone on Thursday, May 5.

This was part of a fossils project from the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

Researchers name the specimen "Little Foot."

Little Foot was found about two years ago encased in rock with other fossils on top of it.

pair of giant sauropods walking through water and a swarm of flying pterosaurs

"We have a couple cool things going on with this foot. Something was broke and refixed itself. We don't know if it's pathology but this is one thing we can do by looking at the different densities," said Wyoming Dinosaur Center intern Jackson King. (Northern Wyoming News).

How did this specimen die? WAS IT MURDER? Looking at the density of the fractures will help determine that.

What is known is that this foot came from a Sauropod, which is a big, long-necked dinosaur.

The bones of these creatures can be anywhere from 40 feet to 140 feet. That's a heck of a shoe size. So that means that "Little Foot" did not have such a little foot.

It is rare to find a complete foot. But at the site where they are digging, they have found four to five.

King has worked with the center for the past two summers and will be working again this summer.

2,000 images were gathered from the scan. The analysis has begun.

We have moved long past the days of just digging and guessing about what we have found. Modern technology right here is Wyoming is showing us so much more.

Wyoming Dinosaur Center

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