The Casper College administration shut down the final performances of "The Rover" this weekend because of electrical problems at the Gertrude Krampert Theatre, a college spokesman said Friday afternoon.

"It's an electrical anomaly with the lighting and sound system," Chris Lorenzen said.

"Just out of an abundance of caution we thought canceling the performances is just a prudent step at this point," Lorenzen said. "And we really don't have the ability to do the complete repair or get through the system in the time it would take over the weekend to get those repairs done."

"The Rover," a play set in 17th -century England that takes place in Naples, Italy, during Carnival, was set for its final three performances this weekend. Directed by Bill Conte, the restoration comedy has mistaken identities, sexual intrigue, and plot complications.

Lorenzen said it was logistically not possible to move the final performances to another location on campus.

"We did think about that, and we looked at it," he said. "The theater's such a nice venue and it's highly specialized for theater with all the lighting, sound and everything, it just wouldn't be, it didn't seem possible."

The college doesn't know when the repairs will be done that affect the main stage, he said.

The offices in the building are still open. Lorenzen didn't know if the shut-down affected the dance theater in the building, he said.

The college will post an announcement on its website, and it is calling ticket-holders to notify them of the show's cancellation, Lorenzen said.

While the cancellation is hard for the audiences, it's harder for the performers, he said.

"The students put in a lot of hard work," Lorenzen said. "We value them and we value all the hard work they've put into the play.

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