It's hard to say what the most obnoxious part of air travel is . . . but having to shut down all electronics during takeoff and landing definitely gets a few votes.  Mainly because it's ridiculous.  Your iPad isn't going to make a modern plane malfunction.

The FAA has finally recognized that it's probably time to back off that rule.  And just in time, too . . . now that we're all so addicted to our electronics, even 10 minutes without them starts giving us the shakes.

They're currently running a study on whether electronics might still have the potential to interfere with a plane's operations and navigation.  In July, they'll discuss the findings from the study.



--And assuming the study turns out like everyone expects it to, you could be allowed to use your electronics during takeoff and landing by the end of this year.



--But . . . you'll still need to put your devices in airplane mode.  Data connections still won't work right in the air, and still have the remote potential to cause problems.