Are you a nerd? Do you like things like Superheroes, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Anime, Comic books, Cosplay, Retro video games, Board games, Action Figures, Cartoons, Movies (the list is only longer and more extensive)? Then you’re most likely a nerd/geek, and honestly you probably didn’t need me to tell you.

Inside The Ant Hill, is a chance to come out and share these loves that we as a community share. They are encouraging people not to sell their things, but to bring things you may like to show off. Artists bring your creations, authors bring your short stories and poems, cosplayers cosplay away, make connections! If you make board/card games, bring them so others can try

Where: 730 E 21st street

When: September 24th 7pm-10pm

The whole purpose of this convention is to learn and grow in each niche. They want people who are looking to get into hobbies to find those with experience and learn from them, and the experienced to rub off and help each other. There are many people who want to get into so many different hobbies, but just don’t know where to start.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to get into these hobbies, this even is your chance to find a good starting block or at least get some information under your feet!

This will be the first of many, and future events plan to hold panels, classes, game tournaments, and see what the community wants.

**Full Disclosure**
I, Raedyn Vidal am a Townsquare Media employee, who is part of this event. In no way shape or form is this a Townsquare Media event, or sponsored by TownSquare Media.

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