This won't come as a surprise if you've had the pleasure of staying there, but a campsite in Wind River Canyon was just named one of America's best by a major magazine.

Sunset Magazine has been around for years and they're one of the most prolific magazines/websites that document western living. They have just named the best campsites in the West and one near the top is in our backyard.

There are a zillion (only slight exaggeration) great campsites in the Wind River Canyon mountain range. The specific one they called out is near Dog Tooth Peak. The contributor from Lander has apparently been stopping at this location for the past 5 years according to Sunset's share.

Another Wind River camping location that's a tad more accessible is Boysen State Park.

All things considered, there really isn't a bad place to camp in Wyoming. It's just that some are better than others as Sunset Magazine pointed out.

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