In case you didn't know, the Cowboy State is represented on NBC's The Voice  by a young lady from Pinedale, Wyomig. I had a chance to chat with Cary Laine about her endevour. This was easy and enjoyable for me. Cary is originally from Mobile, Alabama, so it was like being back home.

Thousands audition for these shows, and only a few get to compete for a chance at their dream. After an introduction to Cary, my first question was...What's the feeling like when you get the call you've made the cut?

You chose Adam as your coach, but you seem to be a Blake Shelton fan, Why?

What are your expectations from appearing on The Voice?

What do you think of Wyoming, and the people of Pinedale?

Wonderful! I wish you the best and know we're behind you in Wyoming and I'm sure 'Bama sends love too.

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