The National Weather Service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of Natrona County, including Casper Mountain and northern Casper.

According to the warning, set to run through 2:45 p.m. Tuesday, 60 mph wind gusts are possible with the storm. There's also a chance that roofs, siding, and trees will be damaged.

Per the National Weather Service:

This severe thunderstorm will remain over mainly rural areas of east-central Natrona County, including the following locations... Edness K Wilkins State Park, Casper Mountain, Casper-Natrona County International Airport, Casper Events Center, Fort Caspar Campground, Central Wyoming Fairgrounds, Casper Mountain County Park, Rotary Park and Casper Natural Gas Processing Plant.

The area includes Interstate 25 between mileposts 176 and 194.

Move inside to an interior room or the lowest floor of a building if possible.

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