Two Casper women got together to create their own cottage business selling a staple holiday treat. With the help of a local distillery, their confections are one of a kind.

Suzy Studer and Snooks Babcock are the Executive Bakers at Rum Cakes of Wyoming. After spending over a year developing their business, the pair are ready share their product with the world. "We took one year to develop it, creating recipes, packaging for shipping, & many tastings, pricing & gift boxing , designing logo, business cards. Our kitchens became our chemistry labs!" Studer explains.

Rum Cakes of Wyoming has partnered with Backwards Distilling Company, who provides an exclusive spiced rum just for the cakes. "We are very excited for our partnership with Backwards. The rum used in our cakes is an exclusive spiced rum not available in stores." Studer went on to say.

A portion of their proceeds go to support local charities. "We are all about Wyoming Proud & proving that small businesses can make a difference in Wyoming!"

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