You do not realize, or maybe you do, how dry saltine crackers are until you try and choke down six of them in 60 seconds without any water.  I challenged a few of our DJs here at the station to this task, and they accepted the challenge.

Last week I was sharing the story of myself trying out this challenge.  I failed miserably.  I was pretty convinced it could not be done, not easily anyway.  I challenged DJ Nyke- KISS 104.7, Tee Roy- Rock 96.7, Rodeo Rick- My Country 95.5, Jon Michaels- 107.9 The River, and Trevor Trujillio- K2 News to this challenge.  Watch the video above to see who managed to beat this absurd challenge.

Is there a challenge you would like to see these DJs attempt?  Click here to submit your challenge!  You never know, your challenge may be the next one!