A Casper doctor's medical license was suspended last week after he failed to complete a professional substance abuse treatment program.

While Demar Hill worked as a doctor in the Basin-Greybull area at South Big Horn County Hospital, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation began investigating him in March 2017.

Hill subsequently resigned his post.

The investigation found Hill prescribed high-dosage opiod medications, such as oxycodone, to patients.When patients experienced adverse reactions, they would contact Hill, who told them to bring the medication back and "trade" it for another prescription the patient could tolerate.

Hill then took the medications for himself, according to an Order of Summary Suspension obtained from the Wyoming Board of Medicine.

Following the investigation, Hill was ordered to take a mental health and substance abuse evaluation which found him to be addicted to opiods.

Hill entered an intensive outpatient treatment program in Lawrence Kansas in January. He was to successfully complete the program before returning to work.  The program granted Hill therapeutic leave in February to be with a relative who was having surgery.

One of the terms of therapeutic leave included not practicing medicine or appearing at his place of work. It was also made clear to Hill that he was not discharged from the treatment program.

However, the Wyoming Professional Assistance Program received a call from Hill in which he stated he completed his treatment. He also disclosed that his relative's surgery had been cancelled and that he would be working in the Casper office of Cedars Health beginning Feb. 27.

When the WPAP contacted Hill, he expressed surprise that he was not to be working. Hill was instructed to leave work.

The substance abuse program reported on March 7 that Hill had made progress while in residential treatment and acknowledged having a substance abuse disorder.

However, the report further stated, "[H]e continues to minimize and justify his actions. Dr. Hill also continues to struggle with his arrogance and will need to continue to address this at his next level of care."

The Wyoming Board of Medicine subsequently found that Hill retaining a medical license "poses an imminent and immediate threat to the public health, safety and welfare to the people of Wyoming and other states."

Hill may file a petition.

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