A Casper man was arrested early Saturday after allegedly taking a family member's child without permission.

Joseph Harrington, 28, is charged with criminal entry, child endangerment and driving under suspension.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, police officers responded to a Casper residence shortly after 4 a.m. Saturday when a woman reported that Harrington, to whom she is related, took her child without her permission.

The woman told officers that the child had been asleep in a basement room. The child's mother said she was awoken by a text message from Harrington. In the message, Harrington said that he came in like "St. Nick" and took the child, but he asked the woman not to contact law enforcement.

The child's mother replied "How dare you?" and said she was calling the police.

As police were speaking with the child's mother, the child's grandmother arrived back with the child.

Harrington allegedly left the child's grandmother a voicemail while he was intoxicated. Because of that, police believe he was under the influence when he transported the child from his home.

The child's grandmother was awoken to the sound of Harrington's pickup leaving the residence. She called him and asked what he was doing and Harrington replied that he had picked up the child. The grandmother said that wasn't OK and she left to pick up the child. She and the child had already arrived back home when the child's grandmother spoke to police.

The child later told police Harrington gently shook him awake and that Harrington promised they would go to the park and Pizza Ranch later in the day.


Police also discovered Harrington was driving under a suspended license.

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