A Casper man didn't believe he committed a crime when he allegedly took two packs of Swisher Sweet cigars from behind a store counter Thursday afternoon because he left money.

Jamitrice L. Campbell, 24, was arrested Friday on recommended charges of robbery and assault.

The alleged incident occurred Thursday afternoon at a Second Street Homax gas station.

According to an arrest affidavit, Campbell entered the store and asked to purchase two packs of Swisher Sweet cigars. The clerk asked Campbell for his identification to verify he is old enough to purchase tobacco. Campbell did not produce his ID and told the clerk he'd purchased cigars in the past from other store employees.

After he was repeatedly told he couldn't purchase tobacco without his ID, Flowers walked around the store counter and shoved the clerk against the counter. He then grabbed two packages of Swisher Sweets and walked back around the counter before leaving the store.

The incident was captured by surveillance cameras. In the footage, police observed Campbell grab the clerk and shove her violently into the counter. The clerk would have fallen down if not for the counter being there.

After taking the cigars, Campbell held the packages up to the security camera. Campbell also displayed $2.20 in change.

The clerk provided police with Campbell's license plate number. When police attempted to contact him at his Casper residence, he wouldn't come to the door, but police noted his car outside and heard music coming from inside the residence.

On Friday, Campbell voluntarily went to the Casper Police Department.

Speaking with officers Campbell denied assaulting the store clerk. He also told police that, because he left money on the store counter, he did not think he committed theft. He also said that the clerk touched him first, so he was simply defending himself.

Campbell was apologetic for his actions and told police that he was having a rough week and that could have possibly contributed to losing his temper.

He was expected to appear in Natrona County Circuit Court Monday afternoon.

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