A Casper man was charged with child endangerment after police allegedly found methamphetamine and a loaded shotgun in his home.

Anthony Joshua Lamb was arrested Tuesday night on recommended charges of possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, police were called to an apartment in the 700 Block of Andrea Lane.

As soon as an officer knocked on the door, the lights in the apartment went out. The officer was forced to knock for several minutes before Karen Lamb opened the door.

Karen Lamb told the officer that Anthony Lamb, her son, was in the spare room of the apartment. Her granddaughter was in another bedroom.

When the officer got close to Anthony Lamb's bedroom door, he could smell marijuana. The officer knocked on Anthony Lamb's door but he refused to open it.

Anthony Lamb eventually opened the door and was handcuffed.

When police tried to have Anthony Lamb sit on a couch in the living room, he allegedly became agitated and combative. When officers tried to escort him to a patrol car, he turned on officers and tried to kick them.

Officers later executed a search warrant and found various drug paraphernalia. They also allegedly found a loaded Mossberg shotgun in a closet and numerous baby items, including a car seat, in the room.

Police allegedly found a methamphetamine pipe in the bathroom next to a pink and white baby sock.

An officer asked Karen Lamb several times if there was anything illegal in the apartment and she consistently denied it. When they searched her room, they found numerous vape caps that contained THC. Karen Lamb said she'd forgotten about them.

Karen Lamb was then arrested on a recommended charge of marijuanna possession

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