A Casper man admitted to accusations that he beat his former wife with a pistol in a Dec. 6 incident.

Appearing in Natrona County District Court Thursday, Jason Joshua Gariety pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and battery and possession of a deadly weapon with unlawful intent. He also admitted to felony child endangerment by possessing methamphetamine in the same residence as a child.

The assault and weapon charges are felonies and each carries up to 10 years in prison, a fine of $10,000 or both. Child endangerment with methamphetamine is punishable by up to five years behind bars.

According to court documents, the victim went to the Casper Police Department in December of last year to report that Gariety assaulted her. The victim told officers that Gariety had previously assaulted her and was out on bond for the charges. A no contact order was also being enforced at the time.

The victim told police that while she was showering, Gariety kicked in the door and entered the residence. He grabbed her by her hair, and dragged her on the ground toward their bedroom.

Gariety had a handgun and allegedly hit the victim on the left side of her head with it.

Officers subsequently executed a search warrant at the residence and located a .38 caliber revolver, ammunition, marijuana paraphernalia and methamphetamine.

While being interviewed, the victim said Gariety had a long history of violence. She told police she lost her right eye in a previous incident in which Gariety hit her.

In the Dec. 6 incident, the victim described Gariety grabbing the gun, hitting her and saying, "Today is the day we both die."

A sentencing hearing date has not yet been set.

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