Our friendly neighborhood Casper Police Department Traffic Unit have come with yet another helpful, yet humorous hint.

Although it would seem fairly easy to tell when you should ( and when you shouldn't) need to call 911, apparently it isn't that clear cut to the masses. While the Traffic Unit is always good-natured and jovial about the hilariousness of their misfortune, the fact they have to keep posting these types of things to their Facebook page only makes us respect our local law enforcement more.

Check out some of these examples of calls the dispatch has actually received:

• I’m towing a 20 foot camper to Casper for the eclipse. Does that campground have full hook ups?
• Can you have an officer tell my daughter’s boyfriend he can’t come over for Thanksgiving.
• My pizza didn’t come. Can you call the delivery place and ask them where it is?
• I saw a story on facebook and was wondering if it was true.
• Can you get me the number for…..
• I saw a speeder on CY (3 hours ago). Can you send an officer over right away?
• Calling 911 when your power goes out.

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