The whereabouts of local feathered celebrity Thomas Gobbles remain unknown, and the Casper Police Department took to Facebook on Wednesday to say they had nothing to do with the turkey's disappearance.

Gobbles, who has been a fixture in the Casper community for years, has not been seen for some time.

"It was mentioned the Casper Police Department Traffic Team had brought attention to Mr. Gobbles' cavalier attitude toward traffic safety," Sgt. Scott Jones writes. "From this an assumption and, dare I say, ACCUSATION was made alleging a member of our team is responsible for his disappearance."

"After an exhaustive investigation I can find no proof a traffic officer or officers from our department are responsible for Mr. Gobbles' untimely disappearance," Jones continues.

"The mere fact many members of our team will be dining tomorow on turkeys that bear a striking resemblance to Mr. Gobbles is not proof positive of our culpability in this matter. In fact, someone claimed they saw Gobbles driving a cab in a small town in Argentina recently," Jones concludes.

An investigation by K2 Radio News found no property or tax records in Natrona County for Gobbles. Federal authorities have not commented on his disappearance.

Editor's Note: We decided to pass on the opportunity for a 'fowl play' joke in this story, because bad puns do not rise to our editorial standards. 

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