A Natrona County District Court Judge on Thursday ordered a Casper woman to attend counseling for verbally and physically abusing a man suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Judge Catherine Wilking sentenced Jamye L. Bauer to three years of supervised probation in lieu of a suspended prison sentence. Bauer pleaded guilty to abuse of a vulnerable adult in July.

The incident took place on January 23 when police were called to Bauer's home after a care provider dropped off the victim. The provider called 911 because she heard Bauer screaming at the man, court documents say.

When police went inside, they found the man lying on the ground.

During Thursday's hearing, Assistant Natrona County District Attorney Mike Schafer said the January incident stemmed from Bauer's inability to control her temper and hold herself accountable for her actions.

In June, Bauer reached an agreement with prosecutors and attempted to plead guilty, but Wilking ultimately rejected the plea because Bauer did not admit to abusing the man. 

During the June hearing, Wilking asked Bauer if she knowingly and unlawfully abused the victim. Bauer said no.

"That's the God-honest truth," Bauer said at the time.

"It seems we have a problem with the factual basis, counsel," Wilking said to Scott, referring to the guilty plea procedure.


Defense attorney Marty Scott said the incident was serious but it was also borne out of frustration.

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