Each year around Halloween the United States Census Bureau puts out a list of Halloween facts based on data that they've collected.

And this year, our very own Casper, Wyoming made the list.

Before we talk about why I thought I would share with you a few of the other fun facts that they shared.

For example, did you know that there are 73.1 million children under the age of 18 currently living in the US, That means there is potential for over 73 million children to be dressing up and hitting the streets for trick or treating.

That's a lot of candy and a lot of costumes.

This is why this next number surprised me a bit.

According to a 2019 Census Bureau study, there are only 843 formal wear and costume rental establishments in the United States in 2019.

That doesn't seem like a lot does it?

And here is where Casper comes in...

It made the list of "Spooky Sounding Spots" in the US.

Also on the list were Slaughter Beach, Deleware, and Transylvania County, North Carolina.

I get why Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina made the list, but I feel like Yellville, Arkansas was a bit of reach.

If you're wondering why Casper made the list, it's because we share our name with a friendly ghost.

He has been around since 1945 where he started as an animated character, but I think we can all agree that the best movie is the 1995 version of Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Don't remember the movie?

You can watch a short clip below.

The Ghost of Slaughterhouse Gulch

Do you know the story of the ghost of Slaughterhouse Gulch?

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