As winter continues to do its thing here in Central Wyoming, thoughts are beginning to focus on the warmer weather to come.

Spring brings baseball and a chance for anyone looking to make money, while having fun and filling the umpiring shortage in the Oil City.

Casper has produced some great Major League Players. Become an umpire and give this generations youngsters a chance to learn the game and grow their skills.

Here's what you need to know about umpiring school:

1. The six week course starts Tuesday, March 21st, at Thunderbird Gym, room 158, at 7 PM.

2. The informative course will teach rules of the game, the mechanics of the field and some valuable life skills thrown in, too.

3. If you are a school student, you are required to attend the umpiring school.

4. The fee is $30.00 and there's a uniform requirement.

If you're interested in being an umpire for Casper Youth Baseball, visit Kirk Nelson at Bush-Wells Sporting Goods at 5th and Center Downtown Casper or here.

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