There has been a confirmed incident of a Casper family pet being intentionally poisoned with strychnine.

The dog was in a fenced yard, in the tree district near Casper College.

The morning of July 16th, a beloved pet dog was found dead on the floor inside the owner’s residence. The evening prior he had been perfectly healthy with no signs of impending death. A complete autopsy was conducted at the WY state laboratory.

The results arrived Aug 6th, 2014.

It is not known who did the horrendous deed or how the poison was delivered. Be attentive and pay careful attention to any strange or suspicious behavior by individuals in your neighborhood & report it immediately to law enforcement.

A police report has been filed.

Your small children and beloved pets need to be protected from this ugly, heartless monster.

Please share this information with your friends & neighbors.

All animal welfare organizations will be made aware of this crime.