In the worst break ups, and in the biggest depressions when a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on isn’t available, food will always be. Usually, the worse the food is for our body the better it feels for the soul. I have made a chart based off of a little poll from the Rock96.7 Facebook, and made this little pie chart.



Candy/dessert (Pink): Cake, Ice cream, Reese’s Pieces and Gummy worms 

Cheese Based (purple): Mac’n Cheese, mozzarella stick 

Meat Based (Green): Sandwiches, chicken fried steak, meat and potato soup 

Potato Based (Orange): Potato Chips, potato soup  

Soup (Red): Tomato soup, Potato soup 

Alcohol/Chew (Brown): Beer, Copenhagen  


The food categories are all void-filling, heart-bursting, tear-sapping goodness. With this chart you can also see Casper’s appetite. In our darkest hour we seem to eat sweets, Mac’n cheese, and meat. You can also see that we do in fact love to drink.  

Casper as a whole enjoys the kind of food that sticks to your ribs! If you can breathe while you’re eating, then we don’t want it. We like cake; spongey and cheese; creamy. It keeps us from having to focus on losing the love of our months, or the light of our days. These are the foods that keep us happy. As a community we love the foods that make us feel at home the most, and that is something that I have grown to appreciate about Casper and its people. 

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