One of the scariest scenes from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining was the chase between Jack Nicholson's character 'Jack' and his son, Danny through a maze built into the shrubbery at the Overlook Hotel. The scariest part, aside from Jack continually yelling that he was going to murder his only son, was how easy it was to get lost in the maze. Well, luckily for residents of Casper, we now have our very own maze, minus Jack Nicholson.

The Green Acres Corn Maze has come to Casper and it is sure to offer up tons of Halloween havoc. Located just West of Natrona County Airport, this corn maze, which is open to all ages, runs from September 15-October 31.  In addition to the gigantic corn maze (which was cut into the shape of the Wyoming bucking bronco), there are numerous activities that guarantee a full day of fall fun.

First of all, for farm lovers, there is a hay ride that will take you and yours all around the farm, allowing you to take in all of the sights that make up this beautiful farm. The best part is that it's onl $3.00 and it takes you right to the petting zoo!

Oh, we forgot to mention- there's a petting zoo! The kiddos can pet a plethora of animals, ranging from pigs, to llamas and more for only $3.00. There is also a straw pit and a corn pit that allows the kids to jump, duck, dip, dive and dodge in a huge collection of straw or corn, at no cost to you.

As if that wasn't enough- what's the one thing that truly ushers in the spirit of fall and Halloween? Duh, a pumpkin patch! It's not Halloween without a pumpkin patch, and The Green Acres Corn Maze delivers in a big way. With prices that vary from $2.00-$10.00 depending on the size, these pumpkins are sure to make for an awesome decoration to take home with you. They will start selling pumpkins on September 29, which is more than enough time to cut them up and make them into the perfect Halloween jack-0-lanterns.

Prices range from $5.00 for kids ages 4-11 and $7.00 for 12 and up. Ages under 4 are free and they do offer group rates. Their hours run from 10:00 am-6:00 pm on weekends, and they schedule appointments for weekdays.

To get there, they encourage you to 'follow the pumpkins,' but if that's not good enough, you should go West on on Hwy 20-26, 3 miles West of the Natrona County Airport, turn right on 33 mile road, go 3 miles North to County Road 121, turn right, go 2.5 miles and then you're there!

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For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 307-577-6030.