In the passionate world of air guitar one warrior reigns supreme.  A loin cloth is all this master needs to prevail over opposing forces of rock.  Nordic Thunder claimed his victory as the the Air Guitar World Champion in 2012 and now is featured in Dr. Pepper's newest commercial.  Oh ya, did I mention he is from Casper?

Justin Howard, aka " Nordic Thunder" began his his professional air guitar career in 2006. Since then he's suffered two air guitar related surgeries, has won four Chicago regional competitions, won the U.S. title in 2011, and on 08/24/2012 he became your 2012 Air Guitar World Champion.  Howard, originally from Casper, has been making big splashes in the air guitar community since he first entered the lifestyle.  I remember Howard coming back to Casper around 2006-2007 and holding a local air guitar competition at Casper College.  It was a lot of fun and very entertaining.  Howard earned a spot on TBS's Lopez Tonight and performed a routine for the entire country to admire.  Nordic Thunder is continuing to make Casper proud by recently appearing in one of Dr. Pepper's latest commercial.  He is showcased donning his best rock moves and melting the faces off of a large crowd. Just like Dr. Pepper, Nordic Thunder truly is one of a kind.  There is no doubt that Nordic Thunder will continue to honor Casper one air guitar lick at a time.

Check out the commercial:


Check out the associated interview with Nordic Thunder:

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