The biggest day in February is finally here. The day we look forward to all year long. Hip hip hooray! February 20 is Cherry Pie Day!

There isn’t a lot of background for this very sweet day, but it seems appropriate in a month celebrating our revered presidents, one of whom famously ‘fessed up to causing the demise of a cherry tree. Besides, the cherry pie deserves it’s own day. This delectable dessert always comes in second to its apple counterpart and it’s time it got to be first, if only for a day.

To satisfy your pie craving on this day, and perhaps make you never want to see another pie again, we have dug up some unbelievable pie eating contest videos. Make sure you don’t watch these right after, or before, lunch.

Cherry Pie Eating Contest

Because it’s Cherry Pie Day, the list has to be kicked off with a cherry pie eating contest at a cherry festival. It’s possible the children aren’t entirely sure what’s going on, but what do they care? They’re getting pie.

Thanksgiving Pie Eating Contest

Thanksgiving is another big holiday for eating pies, so having a contest to see how many and how quickly a person could consume them seems like an excellent way to celebrate. Until later.

Wait For the End

This pie eating contest goes on as most would, until the winner is declared. That is when the real fun begins and the tables are, shall we say, turned.

Strangest Pie Eating Contest Ever

This pie eating contest seems to be masquerading as some kind of workplace team building exercise. Mostly it will be an exercise in who can leave the fastest before clean up starts.

Jesse James Can Eat Some Pie

Celebrity motorcycle customizer and philandering husband Jesse James showed up at the Tennessee Valley Fair and then owned the pie eating contest. It’s possible gravity helped him a bit, but it’s not like Jesse James cheating is anything new.

Even DJs Like Pie

These two DJs love their pie so much they want to eat it as fast as they can. And they want to do it on the radio so their entire listening audience can hear them chugging the pie.

Make Important Decisions With Pie

This group of musicians had to make a choice. Clearly, the only way to make this choice is with a pie eating contest. If only they had thought to thaw the pies first.

Never Let Them Use Their Hands

This video illustrates why you should never let pie eating contestants use their hands. It can backfire quickly, and rental deposits can be lost.

How To Win a Pie Eating Contest

In case you haven’t been completely disgusted by all of this and you actually want to participate in a pie eating contest, here’s a handy video to show you how to win. Start gnawing.

Classic Pie Eating Contest from ‘Stand By Me’

And, just in case you don’t want to be interested in eating  a lot of pie quickly, but still are a little bit, here’s a classic scene from Columbia Pictures’ ‘Stand By Me’ that will pretty much put you off pie for good. The title says it all.

Bonus Pie Shenanigans

Here’s a little bonus for you if you still haven’t had enough. Pie eating contests almost always involve shenanigans.


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