Happy National Sandwich Day. Every year on November 3rd, we honor England's 4th Earl of Sandwich, John Mantagu, who is credited with ordering beef between two slices of bread during a card game in the late 1700s.

To celebrate the sandwich, here's our completely subjective list of the best locally-owned sandwich shops in Wyoming.

1. The Sandwich Bar in Casper - Recently ranked among the best sandwich shops in the entire country, this downtown gem draws rave reviews from critics and customers alike.

2. The Breadboard - One of Wyoming's most successful homegrown restaurant chains now has now grown to four locations. They consistently rank among the top lunch options in Buffalo, Cody, Lander and Riverton.

3. Turtle Rock Cafe in Laramie - A popular hangout for University of Wyoming students, this coffee shop is also known for cleverly named creations like the "Kookamonga", the "Mugwomp" and the "Wobblegong".

4. The Bread Basket in Cheyenne - Along with a wide assortment of fresh baked breads and delicious deserts, this quaint Capital City bakery also specializes in deli-style sammies.

5. Obo's Deli in Pinedale - This small deli is located in the back of a gas station and grocery store. The "Hey Steve" is a local legend, featuring house-made corned beef, bacon, swiss cheese and thousand island along with insanely good mash-ups like their "Sloppy Joe with Mac and Cheese".

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