A restoration project at Casper's Historic Bishop Home has led to the discovery of a couple of century old items that were found tucked into the home's framework.  A construction paper Valentine and an old photo clipped from a newspaper, are believed to date back to around the time the home was built in 1907.

The Historic Bishop Home (Located at 818 East Second St. in Casper) was lived in by the Bishop family from the time the home was built in 1907, until the youngest of the Bishop's children Lucile L. Bishop (born in 1908) passed away in 1997.  The Cadoma Foundation took ownership of the home upon Lucile's passing and in 2001 were able to get the home added to the National Registry of Historic Places.

Martin L. Bishop Sr. and his wife Leona built and lived in the now historic home, the couple had 10 children. One of the children, Marie 'Pink' Bishop, was 8 years old at the time the home was constructed and she would live in the home until she passed away in 1984.

Construction workers renovating the windows in Marie's upstairs bedroom in the home were the ones to make the discovery of these two items this week.

Marie shared her bedroom with 2 younger sisters at the time the home was built and it's believed that she might have tucked these items into a pocket in the rooms window seals during the construction to "hide" or maybe "preserve" her items for safe keeping.

Marie never married and she lived in the Bishop House and used that same bedroom her entire life.

The first of the two items was found on Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 was a Valentine made from colored construction paper and bares Marie's signature on the back. (See Photos Below)

The second item is an old photo that was clipped from a local newspaper and found a day later.  The photo features a very young Marie as an infant being held by her mother Leona. (See Photos Below)

Marie, her sister Lucile and brother Jerome Bishop were the Bishop family members who worked to preserve their family home and it's place in Casper's urban history.

Marie's bedroom and the Historic Bishop House are open to be toured by the public.  Guided tours are available weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.

Ranola Miller, Bishop House, Cadoma Foundation
Ranola Miller, Bishop House, Cadoma Foundation
Ranola Miller, Bishop House, Cadoma Foundation
Ranola Miller, Bishop House, Cadoma Foundation

Source: Cadoma Foundation