A Casper man accused of raping women at gunpoint had several second-degree sexual assault charges dismissed in a Tuesday hearing, but seven first-degree sexual assault charges still remain in the case.

Samuel Barrett is additionally facing two exploitation of children charges and a single count of blackmail.

The second-degree sexual assault charges were dropped in the wake of a Wyoming Supreme Court ruling last month dealing with how multiple sexual assault charges stem from the same event.

During Tuesday's hearing, Judge Daniel Forgey also allowed prosecutors to present evidence that Barrett sexually abused one of the victims in 2008 while she was babysitting for him.

Prosecutors also say Barrett held another woman at gunpoint and forced her to perform a sex act on an infant while he filmed it. He then threatened to show turn the woman in for molesting a child and use the video as his proof.

In order to show that Barrett "enjoyed" child porn, Assistant District Attorney Kevin Taheri argued Tuesday that past images of child porn found on Barrett's computer were relevant as evidence. The images, Taheri said, showed prior actions of Barrett's interest in child pornography.

Barrett was never formally charged for child pornography allegedly found on his computer. Forgey did not rule on whether to allow jurors to hear the evidence.

The trial, which is expected to last two weeks, is scheduled to begin in March.

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