With a cachet like Cheap Trick has, it's not frequent that they open for other bands, but the group just signed on for another leg of dates supporting Aerosmith and that suggests that camaraderie has eclipsed billing in terms of importance for the veteran rockers.

Singer Robin Zander tells Rolling Stone, "It's cool, because we're out with a band that we've known, and they're not afraid to have us out with them. We're old friends."

Guitarist Rick Nielsen adds, "We don't sit around and tell war stories, but there is a camaraderie. We've all had these ups and downs and downs and ups and left and right and we're still here because we love it."

The mutual respect between the bands carried over onstage when Brad Whitford was invited to play 'Ain't That a Shame' and Steven Tyler jammed out once to 'I Want You to Want Me' during Cheap Trick's sets.

But just because Cheap Trick has moved from headliners to opening act doesn't mean the competitive spirit isn't still intact. Zander says of Tyler, "It's like having a big brother, where you're always trying to kick his ass. I'm pretty confident, but it's fun to watch him." You can see Aerosmith and Cheap Trick keeping each other on their game beginning Nov. 8 in Oklahoma City.

As for what comes next, Nielsen revealed their 'Dream Police' shows where they performed with an orchestra have been taped and there may be a release that comes from that. Plus, Zander revealed that the group members have started working on new material with the eye toward having something out early next year.

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