You know what they say, "work hard and play hard." However, sometimes 'play' sounds like a better idea.

That phrase is all about balance. If you work hard not only should you play hard, but you should also have the luxury of playing hard. However, not everyone has that balance, and quite frankly some people flat out work harder than others, whether they play or not. That's why WalletHub decided to put together a list of the "Hardest Working Cities in America."

For this list, the financial website looked at various metrics that would affect work ethic in 116 of the largest cities in America. This includes employment rate, weekly work hours, the number of people who work more than one job, and more. The city that works the hardest of all is San Francisco (CA), followed by Fremont (CA), Jersey City (NJ), Washington DC, and New York (NY). I bet New Yorkers are furious over the number five ranking. At the bottom of the list is Columbia (SC).

However, Cheyenne wasn't too far from the bottom. Out of 116 cities, Cheyenne was the only one from Wyoming to make the list at number 114. I'd like to think this is not because Cheyenne is lazy, but because we have mastered the art of working smarter, not harder in Wyoming. Also, those other cities don't know the meaning of "hard work."

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