When you think of sexy cities, Cheyenne, Wyoming, probably isn't the first place that comes to mind. However, according to this list ranking, the 10 Horniest Cities in America, folks here in the Cowboy State can get just as freaky as they do in New York City, San Francisco, or Miami.

In fact, Cheyenne was ranked as the 8th horniest city in the entire country, ahead of Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The article cites a survey from the adult-based retailer Adam and Eve, which lists Wyoming as the country's largest consumer of sex toys, per capita.

Oddly enough, Lawrence, Kansas, was declared the horniest city in the nation, followed by Austin, Texas, Miami, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana, San Francisco, California, New York City, and Burlington, Vermont.

After Cheyenne, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Las Vegas, Nevada, round out the top ten. Click here for the full list, but be warned, some of the language and content might not be suitable for work or children.

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