There is one thing that every state in the US has in common and that is that there is a state capital and each of these cities are chosen for interesting reasons. Some states have actually changed the location of the capital city multiple times. I can remember in elementary school, we had to memorize those capitals and I feel I could still name most of them.

Every once in a while websites will rank things like best state to get a burger in or best state to take your family on vacation. I was cruising around the internet and found one of those ranking lists on Wallethub that ranked the best state capitals in the country.

Obviously it caught my attention and wasn't surprised that Cheyenne was in the Top 25, more specifically Cheyenne landed at #22 on the list.

Source: WalletHub

With over 50 places on the National Register of Historic Places, museums that showcase the history of the city (and state of Wyoming) and having the largest outdoor rodeo in the Nation, Cheyenne is well deserving of being in the upper half of capital cities.

Wyoming is one of 9 states in the country that doesn't have a state income tax and that helps make Cheyenne one of the top 5 most affordable capital cities to live in. The magic city of the plains is the intersecting city of two major highways (I-80 & I-25) and a major city for the Union Pacific railroad making the city an important city in the western part of the US.

Austin, Texas it the #1 capital city on the list and Trenton, New Jersey was last.

Some of our neighboring state capitals are also in the top 25 of best capital cities.

  • Helena, MT comes in at 15
  • Denver at 12
  • Salt Lake City at  7
  • Boise sits at 4

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