In my lifetime, I've driven along the Colorado River many times. Never have I ever seen Bigfoot huts there, but that's apparently because I haven't been looking hard enough if a Colorado dude's video is accurate.

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Before I editorialize, watch the video for yourself. I try to keep an open mind to most things and I'll do the same with what Colorado Bigfoot just shared on YouTube. Note that the "Bigfoot huts" appear around the 3 minute mark. He's driving along the Colorado River.

Small disclaimer: there's a chance he's kidding, but I don't think that's the case. His channel is called Colorado Bigfoot after all. I'm also not saying he's not correct. The huts look...unusual. However, I'd have a hard time imagining Sasquatch and his little cousin building a tree fortress like that out in the open.

I tend to be interested in Bigfoot stuff and you might recall that I shared some Wyoming guys that believed they found a Bigfoot nest a few months ago. It just seems that if such a reclusive creature exists, he'd be a little more subtle than whoever built the huts next to the Colorado River.

If you're also interested in the large-footed creature known as Bigfoot, Colorado Bigfoot is worth a follow. As of this writing, he's got well over 57,000 subscribers and that likely means he regularly shares compelling content.

The truth is out there (and it might have just built 2 huts).

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