One of the greatest perks of a small city is the affordability.

Growing up, I lived in a very small town. My high school graduating class was 48 people and many of them were classmates I had gone to school with since Kindergarten. Although everyone always seemed to be in everyone else's business, I loved that small town feel.

Now, as an adult, I enjoy having more of a city feel. I even had the opportunity to live in New York City. Don't be fooled though, larger cities aren't always the best option.

Recently, WalletHub took a look at the Best Small Cities in America.

The financial website examined more than 1,200 cities in the nation with a population between 25,000 and 100,000. They looked at housing costs, the quality of the school systems, restaurants and more. With so many cities on the list, WalletHub broke their list down in to percentiles.

One city in Colorado landed in top one percent.

Littleton, which is just south of Denver, took one of these top spots. Not only does this city rank in the top 100 for "economic health" in small cities, but Littleton also put up a number eighteen ranking for "quality of life." Not to mention the easy access you have to Denver if you want it.

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