Talk about a bunch of sore losers. Nearly 118 years after Wyoming won the first "Border War", Colorado State still refuses to officially acknowledge the game.

It all started on Thanksgiving Day in 1899, when the Colorado Agricultural College Aggies traveled to Laramie. In those days, there were two referees; one representing each team.

Wyoming had the ball late in the game and was driving for a go-ahead touchdown when the Aggies-appointed umpire Edward House called a penalty on the Pokes. After the call was overturned by Wyoming-appointed referee E.D. McArthur, House and the Aggies walked off the field in protest.

The Cowboys continued to play, scoring an undefended touchdown. As time ran out, Wyoming led 16-12 and declared victory. Despite the fact they left the field, House and the Aggies insisted that Wyoming forfeited the game.

The Laramie Republican reported Wyoming's win the following day. In response, CAC President Barton Aylesworth vowed that the two schools would never play again unless he received a public apology from Unversity of Wyoming President Elmer Smiley.

The apology never came, but the rivalry continued the following year. To this day, Colorado State does not officially recognize the first Border War game.

Wyoming State Archives
Wyoming State Archives

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