More sounds from the upcoming 'Sound City Reel to Reel' album have been released. Rocker and film director Dave Grohl has teamed with Slipknot's Corey Taylor, Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick and bassist Scott Reeder to create 'From Can to Can't,' a soaring rock ballad that will transcend one back to 2002 when everything on the radio was thick with heartache power chords and thin on melody.

The nearly five-minute-long track builds slowly, starting with electric guitar picking before nasty power chords open the gates for Taylor to express himself. "I know what's wrong / God you complicated everything / I know you're gone, gone, gone / This is where I will draw a line / I draw my line," he sings.

What begins as a depressing story about being wronged by someone turns into a tale of redemption. The lyric "This is where I will draw a line" becomes "blur" and then "cross" the line with each subsequent chorus. He's a man growing strong and the supporting cast lays down a complex soundtrack to support him.

The production is masterful, and Taylor seems genuinely sore as he sings, "Burning my cathedrals / Because I don't pray anymore / Where are these people / Tragic little people / They're smiling and they don't know what for." He grows from vulnerable to angry by the track's big finish. One imagines a catharsis, but the formulaic arrangement makes it difficult to feel it. We've heard this song before, and despite an all-star arrangement 'From Can to Can't' fails to inspire much more than ambivalence.

Listen to 'From Can to Can't'

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