Hold up! Before you judge this article based on the title, hear me out. I genuinely think most members of Casper would make a great reality show.

I don’t mean scripted “reality” T.V, or even competition based. I’m talking, real people, doing real things. The people I’ve met in this town have entertained me and put bigger smiles on my face than any T.V show. Casper (as a whole) is extremely adventurous, incredibly witty, and genuinely kind-hearted. Not to mention, we do have our fair share of dumb people (being one of them, I can say we are a necessity to make you look good).

Be real, how many times have you said or heard “we should just strap cameras on ourselves”, or any variant.Casper is not just loaded with funny, fun, knowledgeable people, but we have so much talent. Casper has musicians working in every shop, artists and sculptors working as teachers and coaches, and we’ve got athletes. One of our own made it to the Superbowl, plus we've had wyoming natives in the Olympics! That's so rad!

The biggest reason Casper would make great television, is because we are a community of extraordinary people, living ordinary lives. Take some time to talk to someone you haven’t, Casper is just small enough you may find you have a mutual connection. Don’t talk to them for that though, ask people about the things they’re passionate about. Lots of people have unexpected, really cool hobbies. I’ve met electricians who are professional level fighters, welders who could put a P.C together from scratch, and all sorts of regular everyday people who are experts in a field they don’t get paid in just because they love it.

I’m not going to lie, sometimes I do wish that Casper would have “More” more to do, more to see, but there is not one day I am not amazed by this hidden treasure we have here. We would make a great reality show, but it’s because we’re real people. Lots of media tries to make you feel like the word is ending, or that common sense and morality no longer exist, but step outside. Go see people just interact as human beings. We do have bad people, but it’s not the majority of our town. Most of us were taught benevolence, courage, honor, honesty, loyalty, respect, and rectitude. We are a city beyond just human decency I would say without a doubt that Casper is one of the nicest towns I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, if not the most.

Even though we have funny friends, talented people, and smart folks we shouldn’t make a show of it. Don’t get me wrong, it would be fantastic. I’m selfish, I don’t want to share ya’ll with the rest of the world.

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