Black Beach and Cottonwood Beach campgrounds are now open with the partial re-opening of the Alcova Bridge, according to the Natrona County Parks Department.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the north- and south-bound lanes of Kortes Road -- County Road 407 -- are narrowed as motorists approach the bridge, according to the news release from Parks Department Director Richard O'Hearn.

Temporary stop signs are placed at both ends of the bridge to alternate traffic flows over the bridge's downstream side.

Synchronized traffic lights have been ordered and will replace the stop signs as soon as possible.

The Natrona County Road and Bridge Department will post signs at the the bridge at 12, 22 and 25 tons for the Type 3, Type 3S2 and Type 3-3 Wyoming legal trucks, respectively, until the bridge is replaced.

The county closed the beaches  on June 15 because the only land access to those beaches and campgrounds is the Alcova bridge.