I may be one of Michael Jackson's biggest fans.  Even in the midst of all of his courtroom drama, I stood by his side (metaphorically) and preached his innocence. When he died, I cried. I went to the opening night of This Is It, and sat by myself, and cried throughout the whole thing...Then I shot guns and whiskey, to reclaim my manhood. Anyway, his songs are not just songs. They're pieces of art. His first major solo hit, in my opinion, was Billie Jean. It had everything- Great music, great lyrics, and a message that really could cut through to one's heart. It's still one of my favorite MJ songs. So when this nobody, Chris Cornell came around and did a cover of it, I was prepared to scoff. Little did I know, that his version would be just as, if not more, powerful than Jackson's. So Chris Cornell's version of Billie Jean is today's Cover Of The Day. Enjoy.

Here's the original: