The Cowboys and the Rams held a joint practice on Tuesday in preparation for each team's second preseason games this Sunday. Things didn't go well, for whatever reason, and the two teams came to blows, with Dallas star wideout Dez Bryant maybe coming out worst of all. First, he got popped right in the kisser:

And on top of that, one of Bryant's diamond earrings apparently fell out during the melee. Why in the world guys think it's a good idea to wear that kind of shine while playing football, we'll never know. Kinda seems like you could just leave it in your locker (in a secure lockbox, of course) since, you know, no one can even see your damn ears when they're under a helmet.

Beyond that, it seems really stupid for another reason: what if your earring gets a snag? Sure, this time it happened to just fall out, but why the hell would you ever run the risk of tearing an earlobe on the field? Just take off the jewelry when you put on your uniform. Seems simple enough, but then again, Bryant does get hit in the head an awful lot.

(Here's an idea, Dez: next time you go out for practice, leave the earrings on the sideline with us. We'll keep a close eye on them for you. For a small fee, of course, which you can certainly now afford what with that brand-new $70 million contract.)

Anyway, things turned out okay for Bryant. A security guard somehow found the earring and returned it to him:

Whew. For a minute there we almost felt bad for a Cowboy. Almost.

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