The quick actions of a Laramie County Sheriff's Department deputy are being credited with saving a suicidal inmate's life.

Captain Michael Sorenson says Deputy Shaun Watkins-Hannah was supervising one of the housing units at the jail on March 19, when he noticed an inmate attempting to hang himself.

"He tied a sheet around his neck and then to the railing of the second tier and attempted to jump," said Sorenson.

"Deputy Watkins saw what was happening, ran up to the second tier, got ahold of the gentleman just as he was crawling over the railing to jump off and was able to pull him back and restrain him until he got help," Sorenson added.

Sorenson presented a Life Saving Award to Watkins on May 25.

"His actions definitely saved this person, if not from death, certainly from serious harm," said Sorenson.

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