The Thanksgiving afternoon NFL game is a Detroit Tradition. The city has seen some depressing unemployment numbers over the years, a terrible football team for almost 2 decades.

The Lions are off to a great start this year, the fans have shown their undying love for a franchise that hasn't had to much to cheer about lately.

Thanksgiving Day the City welcomes the World Champion Green Bay Packers to town for the Annual 'Turkey Day' game. The game isn't the problem, many fans are protesting the halftime entertainment.

Nickelback is catching "HELL" for being chosen to play in Detroit! It wasn't that long ago the whole freakin' world was singing "Rockstar!"

What happened to make people so not into Nickelback? Maybe it's because they're Canadian? It doesn't help their cause with all the world hip to "Hitsville" U.S.A.

Some of the biggest names in Music came out of Motown. What to do now?

Nickelback needs a hug and someone to care...

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