According to a late 2021 report from, Wyoming is one of the states with the fewest UFO sightings, but there has been a bright light in the sky the last few mornings.

Looking up at the sky at any time of day is really amazing, but right when the sun is coming up and the stars and moon are going away is one of my favorites. Whether you're out hunting, camping, or just admiring the beauty before getting your day started, being awake and alert while the earth is waking up is great. People start stirring, traffic starts buzzing and the animals start moving.

There is always that sense of interest when you look up at the sky and notice something that doesn't quite look right. Is it a UFO? Is it a bright star? Is it an airplane that is reflecting the sun? Those are all really good questions to ask yourself.

Right before sunrise the last few days that has been happening in the South Eastern sky above Wyoming. A bright dot has been shining and causing people to start asking all those previous questions.

What is that bright light?

The answer to this one though isn't UFO, Star or Airplane...The answer is actually Venus. Yep it seems the planet where women are from (according to the book 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus by John Gray') is actually shining bright in the morning sky.

Why Venus is shining so bright right now. says that Venus appears to be so bright to earth right now, because of its actual closeness to earth. Venus has very reflective clouds and is several 'light-minutes' away from Earth (about 36.574 million miles) but reflects much of the light the sun radiates.

Venus is brightest when those two factors combine – waning crescent, plus largest overall size of Venus’ disk – so that the greatest amount of surface area of Venus shows in our sky.

Check out this video from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as they explain what you're seeing in the sky.

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