Christmas morning can leave your house a mess.  Your living room gets filled up with all the new goodies you have received and mass amounts of wrapping paper.  Do you recycle or reuse the wrapping paper?

Dealing with the aftermath of Christmas morning can be a headache in itself.  Once all the gifts are opened it's time to begin the cleaning process.  What to do with all the wrapping paper?  Most commonly it gets thrown in the trash.  Some people; however, save the paper to be used for the next Christmas.  I have witness folks who carefully undo the tape as to not rip the paper so it can be reused.  I personally shred the paper to get to my gift, because that is part of the fun for me.  Other people collect the paper and take it to recycling bins to be used for future paper products.  Do you recycle or reuse your wrapping paper?

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