How is this year looking for you?

It's really tough to budget yourself during the holidays. Would you agree? In my opinion, you get to the holiday season and you find yourself swept up in the season which leaves your wallet depleted. Or you are so over the previous year so you spend and spend because you deserve it, dang it!

This is probably a good time to say that a budget is probably a good idea because those January bills can sometimes hit hard!

WalletHub recently created a list of the spending budgets across the nation. I interpret this as how much residents are expected to spend on the holidays in 2019. Across the nation, Palo Alto, California is the highest with $3,160. On the other side, you've got Providence, Rhode Island at $262.

When it comes to Wyoming though, not a single city is on their list. There are 570 cities on the list and they neglected to include the Cowboy state? I'll save my outrage for another day. For now, let's talk about how much you typically spend on the holidays.

What's your holiday budget looking like this year?

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